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Wireless Dealer Magazine Partnership Announcement

Independent Wireless Dealers

The mobile device industry is becoming increasingly competitive, with carriers, online retailers, and consumer electronic big-box stores competing for their share of the customer wallet. This competition drives device prices down and erodes dealer margins. There is an increase in demand for new products and services that can improve declining revenues.

Many independent dealers will look at cross-selling to increase the average order value of each customer. Often through the sale of accessories or additional services. Fortress memberships fall into this category. These are an essential cross-saleable product line that delivers improved revenues and margins without the need for costly stock holding.

In accelerating growth across North America, Fortress needed a way to communicate with tens of thousands of independent Wireless Retailers. Wireless Dealer Magazine (WDM) was the perfect fit. With an active subscriber base of more than 76,000, representing 45,000 Wireless Retailers, WDM was an ideal partner to spread the word.

“We were looking for a way of effectively communicating to the independent dealer community, and there was only one choice.” Mentioned Nicholas Hendon, Founder, and CEO for Fortress. “Kathy and team have demonstrated an amazing understanding of what the reseller community needs and how to talk to them.”

Fortress Is An Easy Way To Improve Margins

Fortress embed memberships in solutions from manufacturers and carriers. They are now available to the independent retail market across North America during Q1 of 2021.

Kathy Katcher, CEO of Wireless Dealer Magazine, stated, “Fortress offers a really unique and interesting value-add to our dealers. They are always looking for options to increase margins simply and easily, and Fortress is perfect for this.” Adding, “This is the first app-powered insurance product that we have featured, and I am certain that our subscribers will be really excited by the opportunity.”

Once approved as a partner, Resellers can quickly begin selling Fortress memberships with every mobile device. It’s a quick and easy activation process, and there is no need to buy stock or allocate shelf space. Rewards are generous, and you manage everything online.

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About Wireless Dealer Magazine

Wireless Dealer Magazine supports the Independent Wireless Dealer & Retailer Sales Marketplace by providing daily new business opportunities, industry news, trends, and company feature editorials. WDM connects subscribers to their target products and has successfully put thousands of new wireless products on the shelves in wireless retail stores.

Wireless Dealer Magazine is a print and online magazine that is the go-to resource for 45,000 Wireless Retailers. WDM’s e-mail marketing department provides daily e-mail marketing services to an opt-in database of 76,000 + subscribers.

Wireless Dealer Magazine performs an industry leadership role in supporting future advancements that will positively impact the Independent Wireless Marketplace.

For more information about Wireless Dealer Magazine, visit

Phone News from CES 2021

It’s all a bit different

CES 2021 was a little different this year. Usually, nearly 120,000 visitors attended across 3 days. They would have visited more than 4,000 exhibitors showing off the latest in technology and innovation.

This year, for obvious reasons, the event was online. Exhibitors were showcasing their technology with video and virtual conferences.

Phone manufacturers are usually some of the biggest investors in CES.  Show floors would be flooded with the latest devices and massive marketing campaigns. This year, however, there was an apparent absence from the likes of LG, Xiaomi, and Huawei. Perhaps politically driven, their absence was also due to the challenges of launching in lockdown .

However, there were some big announcements from Samsung, Motorola, and TCL.

Samsung Announcements at CES 2021

Flagship phones are typically announced at the Mobile World Congress event. This is now at the end of June for 2021. So, Samsung dominated CES by announcing several devices. The Samsung Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 Plus, and Galaxy S21 Ultra were their headline devices.

As usual with phone launches, the line-up concentrates on performance improvements, camera capabilities, and screen. There really isn’t much innovation here—evolution, not revolution. All of the new Galaxy devices were there, but in reality nothing created much of a buzz.

Motorola Announcements at CES 2021

This time around, Motorola focussed on more of a budget phone line-up. Revisiting familiar names such as the G-series and Motorola One, the brand appears to have just refreshed existing models. Improving and updating technology is always part of a manufacturer’s strategy. A number of devices appeared, but nothing that innovated in any way.

Motorola has revamped older models and refined some of the features. Models such as the Moto G Stylus have improved screens and processors. The Moto G Power and Moto G Play have been seen in other regions but are now being launched in the US.

TCL Announcements at CES 2021

Introducing its new TCL 20 line of affordable Android handsets, the manufacturer also launched a cheap 5G device.

However, the TCL AMOLED rollable display was arguably the most interesting. It was a great demonstration of screen technology, allowing a user to expand the screen by unrolling it without creases. Time will tell whether this will be adopted in real devices, but the idea was excellent and exciting.


Snapdragon Achilles Flaw Affects Android Phones

Snapdragon Achilles Security Flaw

Over a billion Android phones are vulnerable to a newly discovered security flaw dubbed Snapdragon Achilles. Researchers found more than 400 vulnerabilities in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chip. Smartphones from manufacturers such as Samsung, Asus, LG, Google, and OnePlus all use the Qualcomm solution. This is such a popular chip that it could affect over 1 billion devices!

What is a Snapdragon Chip?

Qualcomm supply their Snapdragon chip to a large proportion of Android smartphone vendors. Snapdragon is a DSP (Digital Signal Processor). A single DSP chip may include features that a typical user will access every day:

  • Smart and quick charging.
  • Multimedia functions, such as HD video, streaming, and Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Audio processing.

These  chips also power other devices such as wearables, tablets, smart-home systems, and specific automotive systems, which can also be affected.

What Are The Snapdragon Vulnerabilities?

A security specialist called Check Point published the findings of their research in early August 2020. Their study found over 400 security vulnerabilities in the Snapdragon chip. They have aptly named it “Achilles.”

They found more than 400 vulnerable pieces of software code on the DSP chip. While they have not directly associated the chip with specific malware or virus attacks, they have published the fact that these flaws can lead to attacks such as:

  • Attackers may be able to access the phone without user intervention. An attack can allow access to photos, videos, GPS, and location data. Particularly worrying are real-time functions such as the microphone. The phone is now the ultimate spying tool.
  • Attackers may be able to make the smartphone completely unresponsive. No matter what a user does, they will not be able to access the phone or their data.
  • Malware, viruses, and other cyber-attacks may be able to run in a completely undetectable way. They could become permanent and un-removable.

Is Snapdragon Achilles Easy to Fix?

Check Point has (rather sensibly) decided not to publish the specific details of the exploits publicly. Posting this information can lead to a considerable risk of bad people doing bad things! Qualcomm has been informed and is releasing a new SDK and a new compiler. They will be working with each manufacturer who will be responsible for patching their own devices.

Qualcomm has found no evidence of hackers using these flaws. So, Check Point has raised the flag early enough for everyone to act.

To be safe, users should ONLY download apps from trusted locations such as the official Google Play Store. Doing so is the best safeguard to try and ensure devices are secure.

Can Fortress Help?

Well, our comprehensive suite of protection features is always helpful to ensure your devices are secure from threats. However as a hardware-level problem, Snapdragon Achilles is something that only manufacturers can resolve. Our malware scanner will keep an eye on many threats and our Safe Site feature will ensure you know when you’ve hit a website that is unsafe.


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