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Yes!   Your device must have a data connection (WIFI, mobile data etc) to enable Find to locate and track your device.

Without a data connection Find cannot communicate the location of the device.


No. Airplane mode shuts off all data connection to and from your device. This prevents Fortress from accessing and locating your device.

Unfortunately, there is no way for Fortress to remotely remove your phone from Airplane Mode so as to enable your network connectivity.

Your device must be powered on and have a network connection for Find to work.


Run out of battery? Lost your device?  No problems Battery Beacon is here to help you find it.

Battery Beacon automatically saves your phone's location when the battery is low. Therefore, because of Battery Beacon you'll know where it was when it ran out of battery

Battery  Beacon  locations  will  be  posted  onto  the  map  found  within  your  secure  portal  at

To learn how to gain access to your secure portal, please click the link below:

 How do I use the secure portal? 


In order to track your missing device first you need to either activate Find or Nuke on your device. To find out how to activate Find or Nuke just go click one of the following links:

How do I activate Find?

How do I activate Nuke? 


Once you’ve successfully activated either Nuke or Find you will be able to pinpoint the location and track your missing device.

Whilst Nuke and Find remains active on your device you will receive a tracking update every time the devices changes location. As a result, you be able to track the location of the device if it’s moving.

If the location has changed Fortress update your map.


Tracking updates occur only if the device changes location in order to optimise Fortress’ efficiency. This controlled tracking maximises speed and accuracy whilst minimising data, bandwidth and battery usage.

Note:  For Find or Nuke to work your device must be powered on and have a data or network connection (WiFi, Mobile Data etc).


Yes. Yell! will work even when your device is on silent or vibrate.

Please remember as Yell! will sound when either Nuke or Find is remotely triggered your device must be powered on and have a data or network connection (WiFi, Mobile Data etc).


Fortress' Find and Nuke both have the ability to make your device Yell!

Yell! is a high pitched siren that helps aide members in finding a missing device.  Yell! will work even when your device is on silent.

Please remember as Yell! will sound when either Nuke or Find is remotely triggered your device must be powered on and have a data or network connection (WiFi, Mobile Data etc).


Once you’ve found your device, naturally you will want to deactivate FindYourMobile.

In order to deactivate Find all you have to do is press the “deactivate” button at the bottom of the

Find screen splash displayed on your device.


Deactivating FindYourMobile following a remote trigger will stop:


  • The location of your device being identified and tracked.
  • Yell! will stop emitting its high pitched siren.
  • The dashboard & map in your secure portal will stop automatically refreshing.


A Fortress Find screen splash will only be displayed on your device once you’ve successfully activated Find following a remote trigger either from your secure portal or using the FindYourFriend feature on a close acquaintance’s device.


Please Note:

1.   Your device must be powered on and have a data or network connection (e.g. Mobile Data, WIFI etc) for Find to work.

2.   Battery Beacon does not require deactivation. This occurs automatically.


Activating Find is exceptionally quick and simple.


All you have to do is follow the following steps and in a few moments you will be able to track down the location of your missing device:


1.   Go to your secure portal at

2.   Go to the login page of the site.

3.   Login using the email address and password that you used when joining Fortress.

4.   Click the “Find Now” button on your secure portal dashboard.

5.   Confirm that you want Fortress to remotely activate Fortress Find. Done!  You have now activated Find.

All you need to do now is wait a few moments and the location will be displayed on the map at the bottom of the dashboard. Also listen carefully your device will start to Yell! out for you.

Note:  The map will refresh every 10 seconds until you’ve found your device and have deactivated

Fortress Find. This helps track your device – just in case it’s moving.


Fortress’ Find determines the location of your device in multiple ways.


GPS is the most accurate method and is used when possible. GPS can usually locate your phone down to a few metres.  However, GPS location accuracy can be influenced by many factors:


  • The GPS chipset on the phone
  • Line of sight to the sky
  • Building materials (e.g. modern glazed windows tend to block GPS)
  • The number of satellites available when GPS is running
  • The fix frequency—a trade-off between battery consumption and fix accuracy.

Fortress is constantly working to refine Find’s location capabilities, but if you use GPS and are outside, our location accuracy should be pretty accurate to within 50 meters or better.  However, if GPS is not available, location is determined by the nearest cell tower (generally accurate to within 1,000 meters) or by your WiFi connection.   Find will run until it provides as precise a location as possible.


If you feel that Find has returned a wildly false location, you may need to test the accuracy of the GPS reception.  Please open Google Maps to determine if the location is similar to what Fortress’ Find is reporting. If Google maps displays a similar location, then the issue is with the GPS reception.

On Android devices Find will enable GPS, if the phone allows it, for the duration of the “locating” stage and then turn it off again when FindYourMobile has located the device so as to conserve battery charge.


Please Note:


1.   Data aggregated from a Locate is not currently checked for consistency. The source with the greatest accuracy (WiFi, GPS or cell tower) is the one reported—as stated by that source in relation to the device. However, it is possible for a cell tower or WiFi spot to report the wrong location.

2.   If a device shows "full bars," it doesn't necessarily mean that you have a solid data connection.

Some mobile networks have a network band that shares data and talk, while others have separate bands for both. In either case, the "bars" on your phone only measure the talk band, while the indicators "3G," "4G," "edge," “gprs” etc. after the bars measure the presence of that band but not its strength.


FindYourMobile has one specific purpose: help all Fortress members (Basic, Premium & Ultimate) find

their missing devices’ faster.

It is made up of 4 key features:

1.   Locate

2.   Track

3.   Yell!

4.   Battery Beacon.


Locate, Track and Yell! Enables you to map and track the location of your device and make it Yell! out for you by sounding an alarm - even when it is on silent!

Battery Beacon will automatically save your phone's location when the battery is low.

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