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Can You Really Use Your Phone For Payments?

There is no doubt that cell phones are one of the inventions that have changed the way we live our lives forever. Not only do they put information in the palm of the hand, but they also make life far more convenient. One of the most potent innovations is the ability to pay for things without needing your wallet or purse.  Mobile payments are simple and convenient for sure, but is this safe, and can you trust it?

Cash and card have been stagnant in recent years. While contactless payments have been successful in some countries, they are still subject to fraud and limitations for both consumers and retailers. The introduction of phone payments has added both convenience and security. But some people are still wary of using this system, preferring existing ways of paying. Don’t worry, though. It’s actually a great system that can be trusted more than a card.


Mobile Payment Basics

So, can a mobile phone REALLY replace your cash or card? Simply, yes. As long as you are using a trusted mobile payment app on your device, everything is excellent. In fact, it is safer than using a card and more convenient (and more hygienic) than using cash.

Credit cards are subject to being lost or stolen. Credit card details can be stolen. If someone steals your card, they would be able to use it easily until you notice and notify your bank. They would need your PIN to buy more expensive items, but contactless is easy. If someone steals your phone, they would still need your passcode, fingerprint, or face to confirm payment. Locking your phone is a sure-fire way of protecting your money.

Compatible phones have special hardware called NFC (Near Field Communications), which talks to the retailer’s payment system. When you wave your phone at the payment terminal, your device confirms that it’s authorized to make a payment on your behalf. It’s very secure and never shares your card details. Those are on your phone and never shared with third parties.


Apple and Android Mobile Payments

Apple devices, including the Apple Watch, use Apple Pay. It’s pre-installed and effortless to set up.


Apple Wallet Screen

  • Go to Settings.
  • Choose Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Choose Add Card and follow the instructions.

Apple Watch

  • Go to the Watch
  • Choose the My Watch
  • Select Wallet & Apple Pay to add the same card as your phone.

To make a payment in a retail store, you can use any contactless terminal. Unlock your phone and tap your device on the terminal to pay. You can also use Apple Pay at many online stores and within some apps.



Android devices use Google Pay, which is a very similar system to Apple Pay. As per Apple, you can use Google Pay to pay in-store, online, and in some apps.

To set up Google Pay

  • Install the Google Pay app from the Google Play store.
  • Open Google Pay.
  • Follow the setup instructions to add a payment card.

To make a payment in a retail store, you can use any contactless terminal. Simply unlock your device and hold it near the payment terminal and wait for it to register.

On Android devices, you also have the option of Samsung Pay. It works almost identically to Google Pay and works on pretty much any Android phone, not just Samsung phones.


Mobile Payments Are Safe and Convenient

Is it too good to be true? Mobile payments really can offer modern convenience with enhanced safety and security. If you use trusted apps and make sure you have your passcode, fingerprint, or face lock configured, then you’re good to go. Technology really can improve life. Who knows, one day perhaps we can leave those purses and wallets behind.


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