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Home Working Enabled by Mobile Technology

Home Working is the New Norm

The way we work, and the way we communicate has changed a lot over the past 6 months. This change is not just temporary! Technology that once was a “nice to have” is now a “must have”. Staying in touch is more important than ever when friends, family and work colleagues are remote from one another. Most countries are practising home working to help people continue to work safely. Using your phone is now the primary way of communicating.

Cellphone usage has increased by 70%

Not many people will be surprised to hear that we are using our phones more regularly. We are also using them for longer. People are not spending as much time in the office. Neither are they able to visit loved ones. Voice calls and 3G/4G data usage has now increased a lot. So has newer technology such as Wi-Fi calling (making and receiving calls anywhere you have Wi-Fi). Let’s just hope your phone is protected from anything bad happening!

Internet usage has increased by 70%

Millions of people are going online for entertainment and work. So it’s not surprising that internet traffic has increased a lot. With things like streaming video services and video calls, the internet has never been so stressed.

Contactless payments are more common

No longer the domain of the techies, contactless payments made using apps like Apple Pay and Android Pay are being used more often. So cash is becoming less important. More recently it has been seen as unsanitary and unnecessary when you can use your phone as a digital wallet with contactless payments.

Mobile video chats are up by 75%

We’ve all seen the headlines about Zoom meetings going awry. Video technology has now become the main way for families and businesses to communicate. Using Zoom, Facebook, Teams, Skype, or Facetime, there has been big growth in people using video to talk to those around them. Firstly, it’s safe. Secondly, it’s pretty easy to use. Mostly, it gives a far more human connection.

Home Working is here to stay

Technology has enabled people to change the way they work overnight. Using a smartphone and a laptop, millions of people worldwide have shifted from daily commuters to homeworkers. It’s happened with zero notice. Everyone has adapted rapidly and without a long settling-in period. It’s been a necessity, and it has proven to companies everywhere that it’s possible. It’s also shown that team members are capable of doing it and are able to feel some benefit. Business is also seriously considering the overall benefits to cost, staff welfare and more. It’s very likely to stick and technology is the reason it can.

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