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New Smartphones in 2023: what to look out for this year

As an InsurTech and cybersecurity company, we’re always eager to see what gadgets are coming out next. From flagships to foldables, there’s plenty to get excited about this year! To help you stay ahead of the curve, we’ve taken a look at the top new smartphones released and expected in 2023.  

1. Samsung Galaxy S23 Series 

As expected, Samsung unveiled their new Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra at Samsung Unpacked 2023 on February 1. The new smartphones then went on sale on February 17, making them the first major phone launch of the year.  

The changes compared to last year’s S22 range have been described as “refinement over revolution”, as is often the case with flagship releases. There are however some notable improvements, including the more powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, camera upgrades, an updated design for the S23 and S23+, and a brighter display for the S23.   

2. Apple iPhone 15 

Based on previous years, the iPhone 15 will probably be released in September 2023. It is expected that there will be four models, including two 6.1 inch and two 6.7 inch devices, for standard and “Pro” models. There is however some speculation that the larger “Pro Max” may be rebranded with a new “Ultra” model, in line with the Apple Watch Ultra launched in 2022.  

There are rumors that the new Dynamic Island design, introduced for the iPhone 14 Pro models, may be expanded to the entire lineup. It is also expected that the phones will switch from Lightning charging to USB-C, to align with new European regulations.  

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 

Based on the success of the Flip4 and the Fold4, there are hopes that we may see updated devices this year. Previous devices launched in August, so it is likely that any new smartphones would be released at around the same time this year. There’s not much information about these yet, but speculation that there may be improvements to the cameras, battery life and potentially a new hinge.

Fans of foldable phones also have more options this year, as Google revealed the Google Pixel Fold at its developer conference in May.

4. More Google Pixels 

It could be a busy year for Google. As well as the confirmed Fold, the Pixel 7a was released in May and there’s rumors we could see a Pixel 8 too.

It’s not clear when the Fold will be available, and it appears that perhaps Google underestimated demand, but it seems to be coming over the summer. The Pixel 8 would then most likely follow later in the year, around October. There’s not much information about this one yet, so we’ll have to wait to find out more! 

5. Solana Saga  

The Solana Saga – formerly known as the OSOM OV1 –  is the first smartphone from OSOM, the new start-up founded by former employees of Essential. This device is a bit different, not competing with the latest devices from leading brands such as Samsung, Apple or Google. Instead, it’s aimed at crypto enthusiasts. 

The phone launched on May 8. Reports suggest that it is a premium, powerful smartphone. While the device makes it easier to transact with crypto currencies and NFTs than a standard smartphone, it is currently more of an initial beta test than a full integrated web3 experience. It could be appealing to early adopters and crypto fans though. 

What we’re really interested in is the phone’s “secure element”, designed for storing private keys. This can then be used with crypto wallets to interact with distributed apps, web3 and more using fingerprint ID. If it makes your phone more secure, we’re all for it.

Over to you

Are there any new smartphones that have caught your eye? If you’re thinking of upgrading in 2023, you have plenty of options. From the super-sleek Samsung Galaxy S23 to the ultra-niche Solana Sega, there’s plenty to get excited about. And whether you go for a brand new flagship phone or a less mainstream option, Fortress will be able to protect, secure and insure your new device. It only takes a matter of minutes to sign up and become a Fortress member! 

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