Fortress is available on Android in many states of the USA. Download Fortress from Google Play today! It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to join!


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Fortress is available for Apple devices in many states of the USA. Download Fortress from the App Store today! It’ll take you less than 5 minutes to join!

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Protect, Secure and Insure Explained

Smartphones and tablets are an essential part of our lives. We use them to connect us to our loved ones and the wider world. They keep track of our finances, calendars and shopping lists! They store our photos, passwords, bank details and more. If they are lost, stolen, damaged or hacked, it immediately impacts our daily life.

That’s why we built Fortress. To provide device protection, security and insurance, inside and out, all in one unique smart app. But what exactly do we mean when we say that we protect, secure and insure your device?

Fortress Protects

Cybercriminals love smartphones and tablets. Not only do they store vital contacts, they also hold sensitive information that can be used for identity fraud, theft and money laundering. Unfortunately, this world exists, and absolutely anyone can become a victim.

All Fortress members receive access to our Threat Alert service. This provides alerts on global threats that could potentially affect your smartphone or tablet. It also warns you about apps installed to your device that have been impacted by cybersecurity issues such as personal information leaks, ad breaches, data transfer and excessive battery consumption.

Fortress can also provide additional features such as Anti-Virus, Safe Site and ID Shield*, offering you enhanced protection from viruses and other malware and detecting threats and vulnerabilities on your device. All helping you to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals.

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Fortress Secures

Life is full of mishaps – no matter how careful you are. And particularly with devices we take everywhere with us, such as smartphones, sometimes we lose track of where they are. We’ve all had that moment where we’ve put it down somewhere and forgotten where.

That’s why we created Yell alerts, so you can make your phone shout out for you – even if it’s on silent! You can also use our real-time live tracking to instantly locate your device. If it’s not where you expected it to be, Android users can even remotely lock and wipe their devices to stop sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands.

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Fortress Insures

It’s easy to forget that every day we carry around sensitive, high-tech equipment, often worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. This introduces a risk that your smartphone or tablet might get lost, stolen or broken. When this happens, you stand to lose so much more than the physical device. Being without it can leave you feeling stressed, anxious and out of pocket. We never want you to feel like that.

That’s why we offer all Fortress members theft insurance within the US for devices up to $2,000 as standard. If the worst were to happen, it’s quick and easy to make a claim online. Then you’ll receive a replacement within two business days from the claim approval.

For extra peace of mind, our Premium package offers greater protection, including worldwide coverage and coverage for both loss and theft. Or you could go for our Ultimate package to be covered for accidental damage, including liquid damage, cracked screens and mechanical breakdown, so you’re prepared for any eventuality.

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Fortress Assists

Our goal is to make device protection easy, fast and accessible to everyone – from our simple sign-up process, to affordable pricing tailored to your device and requirements, to our friendly support team. Download our iPhone app or our Android app to get instant protection, security and insurance and complete peace of mind in less than five minutes. Or if you still have questions, please feel free to contact us.


*Some features are device or membership tier dependent.

Fortress is currently only available in certain states in the USA. More states and countries coming soon.


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