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Smartphone Insurance: 7 Reasons Why You Need It

Have you purchased a new smartphone and are concerned about safety? Are you accident prone and know it’s just a matter of time until that screen cracks? If so, you need to save money with smartphone insurance.

Paying for phone insurance is not just an added expense. It safeguards you against life’s eventualities. Below, we give the must-know reasons as to why you need smartphone insurance.

1. Smartphone Insurance Is Cost-Effective

Everyone has experienced that moment when a phone slips through your fingers, and you wait for the thundering crack as it hits the floor. You may as well be throwing hundreds of dollars into the sewer. Not only is the money lost, but you also need to find the money for a replacement.

With device insurance, this does not have to be the case. After the expense of a brand-new mobile, many people do not want to take out insurance in a bid to reduce their costs. However, it is a false economy.

How often in a phone’s lifetime do you break it? Or even worse, how often have you lost a phone?

If never, then you are an organized person who may be able to do without it. But for anyone else, who has ever scratched, cracked, or lost a phone, then insurance pays for itself.

2. Cases Are Not Adequate Protection

How many times have you seen cracked phones in bulky cases? How often have you seen a phone with a screen protector that has not worked? This is because they actually add very little protection.

To get aftermarket phone products that have any chance of protecting your device, you need to spend an awful lot of money. Think about the physics of dropping a phone. Why would the shock and impact not travel through the case, unless it had a huge layer of cushioning and protection?

The same goes for a screen protector. Any minor pieces of grit and dust may be protected by a thin layer of plastic. But for any heavier or sharper objects then they will provide very little protection.

3. Smartphone Insurance Claims Should be Easy

Insurance companies have an unjustified reputation for being unwilling to pay out. Like any industry, there are a few bad apples that spoil the bunch. However, most insurance companies have excellent claims processes that are transparent and easy to use.

All an insurance company wants to know is that the claim is genuine. If you protect yourself by keeping accurate records, such as how the accident occurred or where phones went missing, then you should have no problems.

It is also easier than ever to file insurance claims due to technology. Call centers can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Sometimes, it can just be a matter of logging onto a website. With Fortress you have easy access to our Assist team who can help you with a claim on the phone, or in your user portal.

4. Replacements Are Expensive

Replacing a lost or broken smartphone is very expensive. You could be looking at close to $2000 for a top of the range model. This can be even higher if you are paying instalments with your provider.

If this is the case, then you could end up having to find the money for a brand-new phone while still paying off the old one. This is not a situation you want to be in.

But with smartphone insurance, you can replace the device easily and quickly.

5. Repair Companies Can Be Unreliable

On every shopping street in every city, you will undoubtedly find a host of phone sales and repair shops. In fact, there really is no governing body that regulates these operations. Anyone could open up a repair shop tomorrow with little to no experience.

In addition, these repair companies have to source parts and equipment from somewhere. There is no guarantee the parts they repair your phone with are of high quality. Many of them could break or give up within a few weeks.

Add this to the fact that they are often very expensive. Small jobs and tasks that can take a matter of minutes end up costing a lot. Do you have the money to keep paying for repairs if you are accident prone with your device?

6. Smartphone Insurance Eases Your Mind

Smartphone insurance is worth the money just for the ease of mind it offers. After you have spent money on a new phone, you want to enjoy it. Do you really want to spend time worrying about dropping and breaking it?

If you go on holiday, you will want to take pictures and document the great time you are having. Do you want the hassle of hiding away from the pool, or tucking it away when you are on adventurous trips? Smartphone insurance lets you take your phone with you wherever you go, no matter how wild and wacky that place may be.

7. Accidents Are Inevitable

In truth, accidents are going to happen. It could be at home, dropping it into the bathtub, or at work in industrial environments. No one is perfect, and no phone is indestructible.

People insure their homes, cars, and other household items. Why wouldn’t you do that with a costly item like a phone?

Compare Smartphone Insurance Options

When looking for smartphone insurance, remember you do not have to go with insurance offered by your carrier. In fact, better deals will be out there. So shop around, comparing not just prices but other benefits that are offered. This is because no two insurance options are the same, and it’s important to understand the differences. It’s not just about price, it’s about value.

You first stop should be Fortress. We offer insurance, security and assistance for cell phones with a range of options. Contact us today and safeguard your device, before it is too late.

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